International volunteering opportunities
Code for Cape Town and Fund Isaan
International volunteering opportunities
South Africa
and Fund Isaan
For the fourth year in a row, we have selected five volunteers to represent the Deloitte Foundation in South Africa. Congratulations to the 2019 volunteers: Ciska De Man, Gaëlle Smekens, Wim Naudts, Stefanie Verhaeghe and  Frauke De Temmerman!

Ciska De Man, Stefanie Verhaeghe, Gaëlle Smekens, Frauke De Temmerman and Wim Naudts
I had the time of my life. Teaching was a new experience and it's so rewarding. The kids were sponges and it was energising to coach them. Probably a little overexcited in sharing my experience with colleagues: huge smile on my face and making them a little bit jealous. Many already asked how they can apply!

Anja Buysse, Risk Advisory

Since coming back from South Africa, I would like to engage in more voluntary work.

Magda Szczepanska, DSI
Isaan is the poorest region in Thailand. Education is a low priority, an afterthought reserved only for the lucky few born into a wealthy family. Fund Isaan was created by Deloitte partner Rony Wuytjens to address this situation. Through scholarships, volunteers and computer classes installed at rural schools, Fund Isaan is improving the level of education step-by-step. Their aim is to increase the availability of higher education, thereby improving the livelihood and opportunities of students in Isaan and by extension their families and communities.
Deloitte Belgium has been working together with Fund Isaan since 2007. Each year, Deloitte sends six lucky volunteers to help Fund Isaan in its mission.
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Baan Thanong Sports Hall Renovation 2017
In 2007, Deloitte Belgium funded the construction of a new multi-function sports hall at Baan Thanong Witthaya School in Isaan, Thailand. Branded as the “Deloitte” hall, it is comprised of a 922sqm multifunctional sports field with double bathrooms, offices and dressing rooms on both sides. Over the last ten years, the school used the hall for award ceremonies, plays and other social events including local community projects. As such, the hall underwent a much-needed renovation with the financial support from Deloitte. In order to keep the funds within the local community, day laborers were involved to work on the renovations, which took place when most farmers were between seeding rice and harvesting, which meant that they were available and could use some financial support. The entire renovation was under daily supervision by representatives of Fund Isaan and supported by specialists, as needed. An assessment of the building’s condition proved that a full makeover was required to fix the damages and deterioration.
Since the hall is one of the most heavily used buildings in the district, the renovation team was working with the tight deadline of one month to be ready before the next scheduled event. Once the hall was clean and empty, extensive repairs to the concrete roofs, staircases, drainage pipes, electrical wiring with LED lights and sanitary appliances were underway. The official handover ceremony was held by Baan Thanong School on 12 September 2017, exactly one month after the renovation project started. Fund Isaan, as a representative of Deloitte, joined the ceremony and was blessed by the students, teachers, school director and the local community!

What do your colleagues think about Fund Isaan?
Working as a foreign teacher in a school with basically no infrastructure was a real eye-opener for me. Many of the experiences are very transferable to my personal life and my work at Deloitte.

Davy De Cock, Manager, Risk Advisory
My motivation to volunteer is investing in our future. This definitely applies to the poorest regions in the world, where I believe education is one of the keys to fighting poverty.

Elisa Engel, Senior Consultant, Financial Advisory
For more information about international volunteering opportunities, contact the Corporate Responsibility team

Code for Cape Town
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Fund Isaan From bricks to brains
Code for Cape Town
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Our Fund Isaan (Thailand) volunteers will travel during FY20 and FY21 include Tessa Wauters, Alexander De Vlieger, Mathilde Rossignon, Katrien Desmyter, Emilienne Huynen, Lucianajulia Pace, Saloua Naqbi, Guillaume De Cooman, and Anne-Sophie Baret for 6 weeks! As part of the Managers & up group, Pierre-Alexandre Denoël and Sévérine Peeters will also go to Thailand for 2 weeks!
This year’s volunteers are  going on a 10-day adventure to Cape Town, where they will provide workshops on Digital Fluency and Business Chemistry with young and eager high school students. Next to that, they will also do some Design Thinking about the Digitruck and its’ new location. They will inspire, motivate and engage students in Cape Town to further develop their professional and people skills. Stay tuned!

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